senior man and his caregiver giving thumbs up

At Prestige Adult Foster Care we provide unrivalled support to our members/clients and caregivers. Our team of specialized professionals are present at every step of the way, from initial assessments to ongoing home visits.

Our team is comprised of:

Registered Nurses

They are tasked with justifying clinical eligibility of prospective members/clients for our program upon completion of the Minimum Data Set Assessment. Our RNs are also responsible for developing individualized care plans and providing in-home clinical counsel and education to caregivers.

Case Managers

Our Case managers are responsible for assessing and making sound judgments about whether or not members/clients are living in safe, nurturing and stable homes with qualified caregivers. They are available to guide and provide essential resources to caregivers and members/clients. In addition, they ensure that caregivers are meticulously adhering to care plans developed by RNs.

Community Health Workers

They are duly equipped at providing worthwhile assistance to Case managers and RNs in fulfilling their monthly visit schedules. In addition, Community Health Workers may fill in for Level I or Level II monthly Adult Foster Care visit.