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Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, families have been challenged in many ways as they attempt to adjust to what has become the “new normal.” This page contains information that can help you cope with the many stresses and trauma associated with the virus. It also contains information about its prevention and offers connections to resources for those experiencing the many hardships associated with this dangerous virus.

Valuable Information for Massachusetts Residents:
For updates from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding all matters related to COVID-19, please click HERE.

Coping with the Stress of COVID-19
Prestige Adult Foster Care is an agency devoted to helping individuals and families cope with the challenges of daily living. Undoubtedly, the Coronavirus pandemic has challenged us all – placing uncommonly high stress on everyone. Lost incomes and risks to our health- all add to the pressures we now all feel.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a valuable resource for those who are not only concerned about their physical health but their mental health as well.

Stay Safe at Home:
Individuals over the age of 65 years and people who have underlying health conditions – who are at high risk for COVID-19 – should continue to stay home except for essential errands such as, going to the grocery store and attending to healthcare needs. When going to the pharmacy ask if you can fill your prescriptions for 90 days if possible (this may not be applicable for some  medications). If you are at high-risk, try to use a mail-order service.

  • Don’t participate in any close contact events such as pick-up sports games.
  •  Everyone is EXPECTED to cover their face if they cannot keep six feet of social distance while in public.
  • Parents should limit playdates for children.
  • Persons are advised to wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds with soapy water.
  • Everyone is advised to be cautious, monitor for symptoms, and stay home if they feel sick.
  • Use remote modes of communication like phone or video chat instead of visiting friends or family members who are high risk for COVID-19.

Mass 2-1-1:
For assistance with meals, unemployment benefits, Call-to-Talk, and COVID-19 questions Mass 2-1-1 is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week both online and over the phone.

City of Worcester:
The Mayor’s Office is keeping their website updated on a near-daily basis with information.
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