At Prestige AFC we provide a foundation to sustain and improve existing relationships. We support our clients and their families to pass through the obstacles of living with a disability or illness. From initial assessment to ongoing home visits, our team is there every step of the way.
senior man and his caregiver giving thumbs up

Our Team consists of:

Registered Nurse

Justifies clinical eligibility for the program upon completion of Minimum Data Set (MDS) Assessment; Responsible for developing an individualized care plan; Follows the individual in the home and provides clinical counsel and education as needed.

Care Manager

Determines if the individual is living in a safe and suitable home with a qualified Caregiver upon completion of assessments; Available to guide and provide resources to Caregivers and Individuals in need; Responsible for making sure Caregivers and Individuals follow Care Plan developed by RN.

Community Health Worker

Assists Care Managers and Registered Nurses in fulfilling their Monthly Visit Schedules. Community Health Worker may fill in for a Level I or Level II monthly AFC visit.