Excellence care is a relationship outcome between client and their caregiver. Excellence care means that the client feels cared about, respected and treated fairly. Excellence care also means that we safeguard the client’s identity by maintaining the client’s memories and nurturing lifelong relationships with his/her family.
young caregiver and her senior patient


Caregivers are Independent contractors with compassionate to provide care and a secure home environment for individuals with disabilities or chronic illnesses who can not stay safely at home alone. Caregivers can be a family member or non family member. The caregiver takes advantage of extra room in their house or apartment to make a difference in the life of someone who needs assistance while earning a tax-free stipend for their efforts. Caregivers also receive Alternate Care Services (Respite) which allows them to have time away for an evening or vacation.

Caregiver Must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age with no physical or mental impairments that would interfere with providing Adult Foster Care services.
  • Able to provide physician’s clearance to perform the requirements of the caregiver role.
  • Be a relative, friend or person in the community who is willing to live with the client and provide the needed care. A caregiver cannot be a client’s spouse or legal guardian.
  • Agrees to provide assistance, supervision and hands-on care as needed, according to the client’s individual care plan. A caregiver must ensure the AFC client’s safety and well-being at all times.
  • Agree to a criminal background check (CORI).

In addition to:

  • Provide a stable home setting (owned or rented) that is clean and in good shape
  • provide Daily meals and snacks
  • Provide private bedroom with a window and door for each client
  • Provide private or shared bathroom